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Changi Airport to Clarke Quay, Singapore

Singapore Bears History’s Marks

The footprints of history are scattered throughout Singapore even as it stands as one of the most advanced metropolis in the Asian continent. Singapore bears history’s marks in the form of colonial buildings, traditional shophouses that were left by the Straits-born people, and the diverse locality that came to be the foundation of Singapore’s multiculturalist setting. A nostalgic nod to Singapore’s past can be found in and around Clarke Quay, which serves as a tranquil, architecture-strewn locale in the city that, by nightfall, becomes a romantic tourist hub that boasts scenic views and old-time grandeur.

Clandestine Cruises

Singapore is well known for its vibrant nightlife, and here at the heart of Clarke Quay flows the Singapore River that snakes beneath the ornate Clemenceau Bridge and the Anderson Bridge. With boat tours that capitalize on seeing the beauty of the cityscape on water, visitors will now have the chance to cruise along Clarke Quay as they hungrily take in the marvelous sights of the Merlion, the majestic Fullerton Hotel, and the esplanade, all of which are doused in the subtle glow of lights to contrast against the dark evening sky before the cruise ends up on Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Marina Bay.

Parks and Recreation: Around the Quay

It would be a shame to miss the recreational learning that could be carried out around Clarke Quay. For family trips to Singapore, Clarke Quay is a wonderful tourist landmark as it boasts the marks of colonial occupation, providing the optimum learning opportunity for children to familiarize with historical concepts such as colonisation.

Kids will be delighted to find that they could experience being a firefighter for the day at the Central Fire Station and Civil Defence Heritage Gallery is housed inside a red-brick building bearing an imposing, colonial facade. Being the oldest fire station in Singapore, the Central Fire Station offers a child-friendly environment as children get to put on firefighter uniforms and take photos in real fire engines! To be in awe of the architecture whilst letting the young ones develop aspirations to become an everyday hero seem like a productive end to a family holiday!

Fort Canning Park

Strolling into Fort Canning Park may be a rather disorientating experience, as the sudden change in scenery from buildings and sleek modern architecture disappear, only to be replaced by greenery and a small hill rising like it beckoned for you to slope down into greener pastures. Traipsing into Fort Canning Park is similar to waltzing into an unexpected sanctuary that seemed so physically separate - cut off, even - from the rest of the bustling world. Indulge in the respite and serenity that is brought on by recreational activities such as jogging or dog-walking, and enjoy the views of the lush vegetation on the estate.

How to Get There From Changi Airport

  • Public Transport


    From Changi Airport, take the East West (Green) line to Tanah Merah station. From there, switch to the Green line MRT before alighting at City Hall. The trip is at an estimated fare of S$2.


    From Changi Airport, take Bus Line 36 and alight at Capitol Blgd. From there, Clarke Quay is a 10-minute walk. This trip is at an estimated fare of S$2.

  • Taxi

    A taxi from Changi Airport to Clarke Quay will be at an estimated metered fare of S$20. This may vary according to the distance travelled.

  • Grabcar

    With the advancement in technology, ride-hailing apps become a cheap and convenient way to travel. For an arrival transfer to Clarke Quay from Changi Airport, a Grabcar will be at an estimated flat rate of S$17, but this rate may vary during peak hours.

  • Super Vehicles

    You may also be interested in booking a Super Vehicle for an efficient transfer to your destination. For this option, an advance booking and payment will be required. To make a booking, call up our customer service line at +65 6535 3534.

    Type of Vehicle
    Super Car (4-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.
    Super Car (6-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.

  • Limousine Cabs and Private Limousines

    This service requires an advance booking and payment, so call up our friendly customer service line at +65 6535 3534 today and get yourself a ride! Rates vary according to the number of passengers and the vehicle model selected.

    Type of Limousine
    Limousine Cab
    From S$60
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time
    Private Limousines
    From S$60
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time