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Changi Airport to Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

If you’re a fan of flora collections and Avatar-inspired nature parks, then Gardens by the Bay is the perfect tourist spot for you! Featuring horticultural themed gardens and camera-worthy landscapes, the Gardens by the Bay is a carefully-structured project which centers on bringing an urban concept to nature. Here at the Gardens, visitors can finally catch that long-awaited respite from the hustle of city life and engage in an intimate encounter with nature.

Horticultural Serendipity

Inspired by the minimalist concept of the Japanese zen gardens, the Serene Garden is the latest feature here in the Gardens. Spanning 2 hectares, the unique garden is the proud host of the monotypic (meaning it is the only species in its genus) argent-leafed Bismarckrias, which is endemic to Madagascar. In their fan-shaped elegance, the Bismarckias are aesthetically placed around the central water feature in the Serene Garden.

Other featured plants in the Serene Garden that are mainly inspired by Japanese culture is the Podocarpus and Junipers, of which their forms lend to the art of bonsai, and these are perfectly able to thrive in Singapore’s humid climate. Along the Serene Garden’s periphery, bamboos are planted not only for their simple elegance, but also to define the boundaries within the garden whilst lending a tranquil effect. Water features and unique rock collections are also present in their emulation of a Japanese zen garden.

The Supertrees

One of the more recognized features of the Gardens can be seen piercing the skyline of Marina Bay in the form of the Supertree Grove, which hosts enclaves of ferns, orchids and other exotic plants. Visitors will be enthralled to find that an elevated walkway has been constructed between two of the largest Supertrees to offer a panoramic aerial view of the gardens, an experience which will be cherished by all nature-lovers as they stand in this floral utopia in the heart of the bustling city. Visit the Supertree Grove at night and watch the grove come to live with the Garden Rhapsody, which is a light and music-coordinated show.

Green Interaction

The World of Plants is a realm of lush, tropical greenery where children and adults alike can engage in interactive education centered on the plants. Children will delight in sitting on mushrooms as they seek to understand the world where insects and fungi collaborate in the decomposition of forest remains, or, for the young aspiring zoologist, perhaps getting to know the eight wondrous animals that are local to specific regions in Southeast Asia will tickle their fancy!

The idea of World of Plants is to help visitors understand the importance of a balanced, well-nourished ecosystem, and how such an aspect is crucial to the thriving and eventual evolution of plants, starting from the simple equation of how animals help carry or disperse pollen and seeds, to the much more complex phenomenon in which ancient plants have evolved to adapt to changing environments.

How to Get There From Changi Airport

  • Public Transport


    Take the green line from Changi Airport and switch lines at Tanah Merah, before embarking on the East-West Line heading to Joo Koon. From there, alight at Bugis and switch to the downtown line heading to Chinatown, during which you can disembark at Bayfront Station and walk on to Gardens by the Bay.

    This is at an estimated rate of S$2


    From Changi Airport, board the Line 36 bus and disembark at the stop across the Ritz-Carlton. Thereafter, the Gardens by the Bay is a short walk away and this will cost approximately S$2.

  • Taxi

    Hailing a taxi from Changi Airport is a direct and efficient way to arrive at Gardens by the Bay. While the fare is metered and may vary according to the distance travelled, the estimated fare is around S$20 per trip.

  • Grabcar

    A convenient transfer option, Grabcar offers a comfortable ride for passengers by way of a mobile app, and at a flat rate, too! For a ride to Gardens by the Bay from Changi Airport, the rate is at an estimation of S$18, and this might vary during peak hours.

  • Super Vehicles

    You may also be interested in booking a Super Vehicle for an efficient arrival transfer from Changi Airport to Gardens by the Bay. For this service, an advance booking and payment will be required. For more details on this service, call up our customer service line at +65 6535 3534.

    Type of Vehicle
    Super Car (4-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.
    Super Car (6-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.

  • Limousine Cabs and Private Limousines

    This service also requires an advance booking and payment, so call up our customer service line at +65 6535 3534 today to arrange for a hassle-free arrival transfer from Changi Airport to Gardens by the Bay. Rates vary according to the number of passengers and the vehicle model selected, so for enquiry purposes, our customer service will be more than willing to advise and to offer you our friendly assistance!

    Type of Limousine
    Limousine Cabs
    From S$60
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time
    Private Limousines
    From S$60
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time