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Changi Airport to Universal Studio, Singapore

While touring the first-class metropolis that is Singapore, one might start to question just what can be done to take this holiday experience up a notch. After all, with a family in tow and young children getting restless, planning a wholesome trip in fast-paced Singapore can prove to be a challenge--until Universal Studios Singapore brings you the ultimate fun-filled vacation that you have been anticipating!

It’s All About the Movie Magic

Located in the world-class Resorts World Sentosa, the internationally-known Universal Studios theme park landed in Southeast Asia, right here in Singapore, in the year 2010 and has since become a landmark of the integrated resort experience. Get your cameras ready for a photo opportunity in front of the iconic Universal Globe! Featuring 28 attractions and 7 themed zones, the theme park caters to children of all ages with entertaining live-action shows, thrilling rides and plenty of photo opportunities with famous characters from movies licenced under the iconic Universal Studios. One will certainly find that a trip to Universal Studios Singapore is to explore the intersection where people of all cultures and nations meet, all for the love of movies and legendary cartoons!

Boop’n Boogie

Street entertainment is part of the experience here in Universal Studios Singapore.

Razzle-dazzle with none other than Betty Boop in Hollywood! The singing tap-show titled Boop’n Around features the animated jazz icon herself with her girls. Cheer on as Betty and her Boop’n Beauties bring forth upbeat jazzy numbers and bask in the carefree vibe of the Jazz Flapper age!

Moving on from the Hollywood Zone where Betty Boop may seem like a fun character for adults who had grown up with the cartoon, perhaps kids of this generation will be more familiar with the Madagascar zone, especially with the presence of notorious Penguins of Madagascar, a team of comical spy penguins from the Dreamworks animation Madagascar, and their animal friends! Join the Madagascar Boogie and meet the cast of the movie, which depicts the friendship and adventures of four animals from the New York Zoo.

Riding Through the Zones

Having mentioned that Universal Studios Singapore is the proud host of 7 distinct zones, each with their own theme and quirks, visitors will be enthralled with all the exciting rides that are available.

Travel back to primeval times here at the Lost World, where dinosaurs roamed the earth in their Jurassic glory. Ride through the river rapids on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, and take in the astounding dinosaur habitats--but watch out! You may not get eaten by dinosaurs here, but you’ll definitely get soaked trying to find them! For a great workout, one might even explore the Amber Rock Climb, which allows you to scale the walls to find fossilized artefacts left behind since the Jurassic era!

If you’re not a fan of the Jurassic Park saga, then travel to the kingdom of Far Far Away, where the loveable ogre Shrek, his wife Fiona and their noble ‘steed’ Donkey reside! Visitors will be greeted by the magnificent castle in Far Far Away, in which lies a theatre for a 4D adventure experience.

Children who are fans of the Shrek franchise will delight in seeing the rides named after the iconic Shrek movie characters, such as the Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, a roller-coaster ride that sets alight the swashbuckling dreams of young children, or perhaps the milder ferris wheel that is Fairy Godmother’s Magic Potion Spin.

The Ancient Egypt zone in Universal Studios Singapore invites visitors to explore the mystical world filled with tales of mummies and old Pharaohs, where ancient writings known as hieroglyphs are painted across the imposing edifices and scarab beetles scramble over the stone and sand. Take a thrilling head start at exploring by jumping onto the indoor roller coaster, and experience the breathtaking plunge into total darkness, emblematic of the Revenge of the Mummy, and hear screams echoing around as you come face to face with warrior mummies.

Primeval, Medieval and Ancient Egyptian times have always brought forth rich imaginations, but the Sci-Fi zone depicts imagination set in a futuristic sphere! Transformers fans will delight in joining the awe-inspiring Optimus Prime and his team of elite Autobots in becoming a freedom fighter in the Ultimate 3D Battle.

Happily-Ever-After Hours with Universal Studios!

So we have seen the ordinarily-integrated daytime Dreams Parade, but why not experience the magic of the evening incarnation? Join the Hollywood Dreams Light Up Parade on selected evenings and watch as your favourite characters ride through the streets on neon-lit floats, while dancing the night away to the beats of the Rhythm Truck! As if that isn’t enticing enough, Universal Studios Singapore also features a variety of pop-up stalls for the peckish and the hungry crowd.

To know more about the admission and purchase of tickets, check out this web-page for more information!

How to Get There From Changi Airport

  • Public Transport


    Taking the MRT can be a convenient way to travel from Changi Airport to Resorts World Sentosa. Alight at Harbourfront Station and enter the third floor of Vivocity Mall, where you will find the Sentosa Express Monorail. A round trip to Sentosa will be at a rate of approximately S$ 4 per pax.


    Take the Line 36 bus from Changi Airport and alight at Pan Pacific Station. After that, head on to One Raffles Link and board the bus to Harbourfront Station, where you can switch to bus RWS8 to arrive at Resorts World Sentosa. The trip will take approximately 90 minutes at an estimated rate of S$ 4.

  • Taxi

    A taxi from Changi Airport to Resorts World Sentosa will be at an estimated fare of S$25, but this depends on the distance traveled as taxi fares in Singapore are metered.

  • Grabcar

    A Grabcar from Changi Airport to Resorts World Sentosa will be at an estimated flat rate of S$25, but may vary during peak hours.

  • Super Vehicles

    You may also be interested in booking a Super Vehicle for an efficient transfer to Resorts World Sentosa. For this option, an advance booking and payment will be required. To make a booking, call up our friendly customer service line at +65 6535 3534. No additional surcharge will be collected from passengers who book for this service.

    Type of Vehicle
    Super Car (4-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.
    Super Car (6-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.

  • Limousine Cabs and Private Limousines

    This service requires an advance booking and payment, so call up our friendly customer service line at +65 6535 3534 today and get yourself a ride from Changi Airport to Resorts World Sentosa. Rates vary according to the number of passengers and the vehicle model selected. As Sentosa is an out-of-the-way area, an additional surcharge will be collected from passengers.

    Type of Limousine
    Rates (with surcharge)
    Limousine Cab
    From S$70
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time
    Private Limousines
    From S$80
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time