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Changi Airport to Night Safari, Singapore

While touring the first-class metropolis that is Singapore, one might start to question just what can be done to take this holiday experience up a notch. After all, with a family in tow and young children getting restless, planning a wholesome trip in fast-paced Singapore can prove to be a challenge--until Universal Studios Singapore brings you the ultimate fun-filled vacation that you have been anticipating!

Yet, what if there happens to be a good reason that qualifies for burning the midnight oil, even on holiday? Here at the Night Safari, tourists may just find the nocturnal zoo experience a meaningful and memorable one which becomes a highlight of their vibrant, world-class holiday. The Night Safari is a popular tourist attraction with family-friendly settings. Adding to its pride of being Asia’s pioneer in establishing a conducive nocturnal safari park, the Night Safari is also on a mission to breed endangered wildlife in captivity, a task that is underway in fulfilling their goal of achieving biodiversity. That said, visitors will enthrall in observing wildlife behavior during night time, while also getting to be part of the vocation of saving endangered species.

For more information on ticket prices as well as the Night Safari Adventure Tour, visit the official website here.

Sunda Pangolin

The Sunda Pangolin, while adorable, has proven to be a handful for the keepers who watch over the species. Considering their diets to be similar to that of an anteater’s, great effort has been made to prepare nutritious meals for these picky eaters, and for Anggun and Pangolina, the two resident pangolins in the Night Safari, the official Night Safari site states that they have apparently developed a serious liking to ant eggs as one of the many condiments in their custom-made porridge.

When an animal adopts a specialized diet, one does begin to understand as to why they are endangered. The case with the Sunda Pangolins, however, is such that these creatures are covered in highly-sought after scales, which contain medicinal qualities and would haul in considerable profits for traffickers and poachers.

Clouded Leopard

A unique spotted feline in the family of big cats, the Clouded Leopard is an extremely skilled climber, anatomically gifted in climbing down a tree head-first, much like an overgrown squirrel, and with its sharp claws and huge paws, it has an innate gymnastic talent: it can hang upside down on a sturdy tree branch with just its hind feet!

Malayan Tiger

The king of the jungle boasts its stripes as it weaves through the shadows of the forests, its sharp eyes bright even in the darkness and its stride as silent as it is graceful. The Malayan Tiger is an extremely endangered species that had once enjoyed its glory days roaming about in a bygone era, prior to an escalation in plantation needs. Now, there are fewer than 300 Malayan Tigers left in the wild, a pitiful figure that dictates the fate of a majestic creature with the strength of 30 grown men, yet has ironically been doomed at the cruelty of human greed.

Night Safari Experiences

A visit to the Night Safari would be incomplete without participating in the special experiences featured by the park. For visitors who are fascinated by the felines, there is an interactive exhibit along the East Lodge Trail that welcomes those who wish to learn more about the Malayan Tiger.

In addition to that, a wholesome Safari Adventure Tour also brings visitors on a private buggy ride through the nocturnal wildlife settings and on an exciting journey through the Leopard Trail!

How to Get There From Changi Airport

  • Public Transport


    A trip to the Night Safari by way of the MRT may take up one and a half hours from Changi Airport and will be at an estimated fare of S$3. Once you’ve boarded the MRT at the airport, switch at Tanah Merah Station to the East-West line (green line) and disembark at City Hall to catch the MRT to Khatib.

    Once at Khatib, there will be bus services to transport you to the Singapore Zoo.


    Board Bus Line 24 at Changi Airport and disembark at the Ang Mo Kio Interchange, where you can board a direct bus to the Night Safari. This trip will cost an approximate S$2.

  • Taxi

    The taxi fare from Changi Airport to the Night Safari will be approximately S$30 (metered) and varies with the distance travelled.

  • Grabcar

    A Grabcar from Changi Airport to Night Safari will be at an approximate flat rate of S$22-25, but may vary during peak hours.

  • Super Vehicles

    You may also be interested in booking a Super Vehicle for a trip to the Night Safari. As it is an arrival transfer, an advance booking and payment will be required. For more details on this service, call up our customer service line at +65 6535 3534.

    Type of Vehicle
    Super Car (4-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.
    Super Car (6-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.

  • Limousine Cabs and Private Limousines

    This service also requires an advance booking and payment as it is an arrival transfer, so call up our customer service line at +65 6535 3534 today to arrange for an easy transfer to the Night Safari. Rates vary according to the number of passengers and the vehicle model selected.

    Type of Limousine
    Limousine Cab
    From S$60
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time
    Private Limousines
    From S$60
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time