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Changi Airport to Harbourfront Cruise Centre, Singapore

HarbourFront Cruise Centre

Located within the vicinity of HarbourFront and Keppel Harbour is the Singapore HarbourFront Cruise Centre. The centre comprises of two terminals, namely the International Passenger Terminal (IPT) which handles international cruise ships and the Regional Ferry Terminal (RFT).

While the HarbourFront Cruise Centre is ferrying visitors and tourists in and out of Singapore’s port, there is the thought that makes one ponder if there is anything around or in the vicinity to warrant the locale a tourist hub.

Harbourfront View from Mount Faber

Mount Faber now stands proud as a tourist destination in Singapore, and offers amazing panoramic views of the dense central business district as well as overlooking the Harbourfront.

For those who enjoy a little hike, they may find themselves enthralled by the opportunity to walk up the Marang Trail that leads from Marang Road, accessible by way of taking Exit D once alighting at the Harbourfront MRT station. Once you get to the hilltop, remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the views of Keppel Harbour and Sentosa.

The Parks Beyond the Fork

An elevated metal walkway awaits your arrival upon your cutting through Teluk Blangah Hill Park. Now, as you cross this walkway, an impending decision is to be made when you reach the fork in the road.

You can either branch off to the Labrador Nature Reserve, which boasts a tranquil seafront where the seaside park is reclaimed from part of Pasir Panjang, or Long Beach. Perfect for romantic evening strolls or for a scooter ride over the broad promenade, the Labrador Nature Reserve definitely offers a zen-experience. For the children, there are conducive toddler-friendly playgrounds set up in the reserve. If family time is what you’re looking for, the Labrador Nature Reserve is the perfect direction to take from the metal walkway.

Having said that, another road branches off the leaf-shaped Alexandra Arch bridge and ultimately leads to HortPark and Kent Ridge Park.


HortPark, which lays in the valley between Teluk Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park, is a horticultural wonderland which boasts an endearing English cottage park, with a wooden swing set, and a much more formally-landscaped garden which provides an elegant and timeless backdrop for garden-themed photos.

Kent Ridge Park on the other hand is accessible by way of a footpath from HortPark, and was once known as Pasir Panjang Ridge but had been renamed in 1954 to commemorate the visit of the Duchess of Kent and her son, the Duke of Kent, in 1952. Walking along the ridge, which is paved with hauntingly beautiful trees whose branches form a makeshift canopy overhead, will lead you to the top of Kent Ridge Park that provides the vantage point of the coastline.

How to Get There From Changi Airport

  • Public Transport
    How to Get There
    Estimated Fare
    Alight at Outram Station..
    Take Line 36 and alight at Pan Pacific, then head on to One Raffles Link and board the bus to Harbourfront Station. From there, the centre is a 10-minute walk.

  • Taxi

    A taxi from Changi Airport to HarbourFront Cruise Centre is at a metered fare of S$ 25-30 and this varies with the distance travelled.

  • Grabcar

    A Grabcar from Changi Airport to HarbourFront Cruise Centre is at a flat rate of S$ 22-25 and this rate may vary during peak hours.

  • Super Vehicles

    You may also be interested in booking a Super Vehicle for an arrival transfer to Mount Faber. For this service, an advance booking and payment will be required. To make a booking, call up our friendly customer service line at +65 6535 3534.

    Type of Vehicle
    Super Car (4-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.
    Super Car (6-seater)
    60-minutes complimentary waiting time. Board vehicle at arrival gate.

  • Limousine Cabs and Private Limousines

    This service requires an advance booking and payment, so dial up our customer service line at +65 6535 3534 today for an efficient arrival transfer to Mount Faber. Rates vary according to the number of passengers and the vehicle model selected.

    Type of Limousine
    Limousine Cab
    From S$60
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time
    Private Limousines
    From S$60
    • Meet-and-greet services
    • Flight-tracking by the driver
    • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time